Investment Advisory

Investment consultancy is OYAK Asset Management’s activity of providing written or verbal comments and investment recommendations on capital market instruments within the scope of the contract signed by the investor and OYAK Asset Management.

With our expert and experienced staff focused on investor satisfaction, we aim to ensure that you make the right investments in the right market conditions.

Investment Consultancy includes the following services:

  • First, the risk profile and return targets of the investor are determined.
  • Asset classes like stocks, bonds-bills, commodities, venture capital funds, or derivative products and capital market instruments are identified in order to meet the return targets set in accordance with the risk profile.
  • A benchmarking criterion is created in line with the targeted return.
  • Recommendations that will serve as a guide for asset distribution and portfolio structure are made through reports and periodic meetings tailored to the investor's needs.

In addition to portfolio management, OYAK Asset Management's experience is utilized to satisfy customer demands in the areas of financial consultancy and risk management, under the scope of investment consultancy operations.

Discretionary Portfolio Management

Private Portfolio Management is the process of having a professional manage a portfolio made up of capital market instruments, on behalf of an investor, under the terms of an agreement between the investor and OYAK Asset Management.

The goal of Private Portfolio Management is to capitalize on market opportunities based on the risk profile and preferences of the investor as determined by the "Suitability Test."

OYAK Asset Management builds portfolios that aim for the highest return with the lowest risk by utilizing relevant capital market instruments in the asset classes you select based on your preferences, and directs your portfolio with an active management approach to add value in all market conditions.

Financial Technology

With its expert staff, OYAK Asset Management provides the majority of its work in the field of financial technology to investors as part of its investment consultancy activities.

Algorithmic Transactions and Systematic Trading Strategies

Efforts are made to enable investors to take positions in the capital market instruments of their choice in line with a certain trading strategy. Algorithms prepared with the expertise of OYAK Asset Management may take positions in spot or derivative instruments in the relevant asset classes at very short or longer intervals.

Supportive Platforms for Investors

OYAK Asset Management, in cooperation with OYAK Securities, has prepared portals that support the decision-making processes of investors. In the Practical Analysis portal, there are indicators prepared with fundamental analysis data, and investors may examine the balance sheet and income statements and access the reports prepared by the research department. On the Practical Advice portal, the main technical analysis indicators are reinterpreted with machine learning methods and presented to investors. The indicators used give buy-sell signals at different intervals such as for 5-minute, hourly, and daily intervals. On the Practical Portfolio portal, different portfolios are offered to investors. Investors can access a variety of portfolios consisting of investment funds, pension funds, and stocks that reflect different themes and factors that match their risk profiles.